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NTerprise® V7 messaging system

Provides voicemail, faxmail and unified messaging based on a distributed scalable architecture for all sizes of corporations and all types of PABX systems.

VoiceNet: VoiceMail

The newest, most advanced messaging system from VoiceNet, V7 is based on VoiceNet's time-proven, ultra-reliable NTerprise® voicemail platform, the new V7 messaging system is packed full of new, in-demand features - more Notification options like holiday forwarding, SMS, cascading outdial, email, unified messaging, web services and fax - more Greeting options based on time-zones, call type and future auto expiry - more international languages - more third-party integrations, and more Administration access levels - see all the new features here!

Message Handling

The message handling buttons provide the facilities to play the message over speakers by streaming the voicefile in realtime over your LAN, have voicemail call you on the phone to play and handle your messages, delete, keep and give the message to another mailbox owner, and view the message if it is a fax.

Any existing VoiceNet NTerprise® voicemail system can be upgraded to the new VoiceNet V7 messaging system.

VoiceNet's NTerprise® system provides voicemail, faxmail and unified messaging for all sizes of corporations and is widely respected for its robust reliability and flexibility - local design and support enhances this reputation. The NTerprise® system is based on a distributed architecture which provides the basis for scalable and controlled expansion from simple 4-port systems to complex 120-port systems.

The NTerprise® system also features built-in Automated Attendant (AA), allowing a corporation to control how callers are answered and how callers can self-route their calls within the corporation, and built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities, allowing callers to access computer-based information and request a service via the telephone without human intervention.

Worldwide, organisations have turned to IVR to improve customer service and operator efficiency and to reduce overheads. IVR allows organisations to provide customers with more service at less cost by automating routine calls. Organisations can also disseminate frequently requested information quickly and accurately.

NTerprise® supports integration with any email client via LAN/WAN using standard TCP/IP network protocols. The system specifically uses a distributed architecture and minimises bandwidth usage through a proprietary web service unified messaging schema.

Of course, a voicemail system exists for one major purpose - voice messaging. The quality of voice messages is therefore paramount to the perceived performance of the system. All VoiceNet NTerprise® voice messages are recorded using the very highest quality digital compression techniques available.

In summary, NTerprise® is an innovative, state-of-the-art server-based system providing voicemail, faxmail and unified messaging services through phone, desktop, and web service-based message delivery and management.


The NTerprise® system is compatible with all major PBX brands, including, but not limited to:

High level serial or TCP/IP interfaces provide reliable integration with many PBX systems, including:

Various methods of message waiting indication are used by the voicemail system depending on the degree of integration possible with the switch. Any combination of the following can be employed to provide message waiting indication:

Other high level interfaces support integration to the major hotel industry Property Management Systems (PMS) including:

An innovative FrontDesk module provides LAN-based Check-in, Check-out and Transfer functions to hotels where PMS integration is not available.