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NTerprise® Unified Messaging

Unified messaging brings you platform-independent voice and fax message notification and realtime message handling using web services from within any email client.

VoiceNet: Unified Messaging

Unified messaging from the NTerprise® voicemail system consists of new voicemail and faxmail message notifications being delivered via intranet or internet to any email client you wish to use. The unified messaging delivery scheme employed by the NTerprise® system is designed for scalability to very large enterprises, and importantly it does not include a WAV file attachment (which can be very large in size) as a copy of your voicemail message, unless you specifically request this option (for example, you might be on the road and not able to access your intranet). Instead, web services allow you to play your message by streaming it to you, and allow you to handle your message directly at the voicemail server.

Message Handling

The message handling buttons provide the facilities to play the message over speakers by streaming the voicefile in realtime over your LAN, have voicemail call you on the phone to play and handle your messages, delete, keep and give the message to another mailbox owner, and view the message if it is a fax.


Faxmail notifications to your email include a "tif/pdf" file attachment for the received and stored fax. Native tif readers are included in all Windows operating systems, and the converted tif/pdf files are relatively small in size, making this delivery scheme the most convenient and sensible for email notification and handling of faxes received through a fax server.


Service rollout is simplified for IT departments since there is no installation required to the desktop or email server. Users simply point and click from within their email client to play or handle their unified messages.