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VoiceNet was established in 1994 as one of the first companies to specialise in IVR (interactive voice response) applications. From 1994 to 1997 VoiceNet wrote many specialised IVR applications for implementation behind Motorola mobile phone networks throughout the Pacific Rim area, including one suite of networked applications running more than 590 ports of IVR over the three main islands of the Philippines. These IVR applications included clients such as

In 1997 VoiceNet asiapacific was established to market VoiceNet's wholly Australian-designed voicemail system. Since then, VoiceNet has established valuable alliances with Microsoft, Dialogic, and NEC to further the process of developing and refining their innovative suite of voicemail, faxmail and unified messaging applications.

VoiceNet combines such diverse skills as marketing, business management, system engineering, project management, software design and programming, site installation and commissioning, service and support to provide the preferred messaging solution to some of the best companies in Australia.

VoiceNet's professionals are proud to have supplied, installed, commissioned and be continuing to maintain hundreds of NTerprise® systems for major corporations in Australia such as