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Fax Server

Incoming faxes are notified and delivered by voicemail, email or over local network.

Outgoing faxes are sent by printing to the network fax device, which includes a fax composition wizard.

VoiceNet: Fax Server
Notification & Handling

Faxmail notifications to your email inbox include a ".tif" or ".pdf" file attachment for the received and stored fax, allowing you to view the fax message as a native tif or pdf file.

Native tif readers are included in all Windows operating systems, and the converted tif files are relatively small in size, while Acrobat Reader is a free download, making these two delivery schemes the most convenient and sensible for email notification and handling of faxes received through a fax server.

Faxes are sent by printing to the shared Fax Service over the network. Customisation of fax header pages is also provided.

Delivery & Notification

The unified messaging delivery scheme employed by the NTerprise® system is designed for scalability, and will accurately route incoming faxes to the correct destination regardless of whether the PABX is operating with DTMF/DID integration or high-level integration in RS232 or TCP/IP format (all other out-of-the-box fax server solutions on the market can only route faxes based on DTMF/DID).

Email delivery can also include the received fax remote ID as part of the Subject header on the email which enables users to rapidly scan their inbox for the desired fax without having to preview each one.

Best of Breed

The NTerprise® system is closely integrated with Microsoft® Windows fax service. VoiceNet also recommends the use of dedicated MultiTech multi-fax modem boards for reliable fax performance.

Unified messaging from the NTerprise® system consists of new voicemail and faxmail message notifications being delivered via voicemail, network or internet to any email client.