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VoiceNet asiapacific Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned company formed in 1994 to cater for growing demand in the Interactive Voice Response market worldwide, and has been developing and marketing its own NTerprise® brand of voicemail and unified messaging systems in Australia since 1997. VoiceNet has been a long term partner and third-party supplier of voicemail and unified messaging systems to NEC Australia, and has also developed interfaces to all the major PBX and PMS suppliers.

VoiceNet has an established presence in the Australian market, our client base includes numerous important and high-profile customers such as the Commonwealth Bank, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, many government departments, universities and hospitals, and both large and small private and public companies. VoiceNet's voicemail and unified messaging systems have earned a reputation for reliability, flexibility, scalability and ease of use.

VoiceNet NTerprise® systems are scalable from small installations of 20 users right through to very large installations of over 5,000 users in a cost-effective and reliable manner. NTerprise® systems use off-the-shelf computer hardware and operate in either VoIP/SIP or TDM analog environments using Microsoft Windows operating systems. A unique feature of VoiceNet's unified messaging system is that it provides full message handling functionality through any email client on any platform without requiring any server or desktop installation from IT personnel or end users.

More recently, VoiceNet has established a regional presence in Russia and successfully delivered a large voicemail / faxmail / IVR system, which included multiple language capability, to a major international hotel conglomerate in Moscow.

VoiceNet provides a non-expiring country by country license for the unlimited sale and use of its voicemail and unified messaging systems. More specific information on VoiceNet's voicemail and unified messaging systems, beyond that which is already available for viewing and download from our website will be made available on a case-by-case basis as discussions with potential licensees progress.

For further information please contact

VoiceNet Marketing Department
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